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iSF Free

有了 iSF Free,我们提供了一个替代和创新的解决方案来管理妊娠母猪的集体喂养。与转发器站不同,iSF Free减少了等待时间,降低了压力,使母猪更容易管理。

无 iSF 概念具有更低的成本和更简单的机械系统,其馈线数量是转发器站的3到4倍。允许进入喂食的母猪进入其中一个喂食器,并通过自动后门与其他动物直接隔离。RFID天线识别动物电子芯片,并根据喂养计划分配饲料。


轮式饲料分配器 & “Vita剂量”


Feeding control

The trough is fitted with TIT system (trough inspection technology). It dispenses the next dose of feed only if the previous dose has been eaten: no waste, clean troughs, and less frequent cleaning required.

High-performance database

The system centralizes all data from the central workstation and shares information about the herd. Communication with the system is fast, straightforward, and comprehensive. It can be fitted with a radio unit or smartphone.