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iSF 智能饲喂概念

  • 每头母猪每天可节省高达800克的饲料。
  • 提高你的时间效率。
  • 减少致病性传播。

iSF Free

  • The iSF Free manages individual sows
  • Eliminates competition at feeding time
  • Lower installation costs It tailors portions to suit each sow
  • The is easy to install with few moving parts is available to control and to check the system via smartphone or tablet

iSF Activate

  • Increase the feed intake of the sows
  • Improve the efficiency of the sow (fertility, piglets weight, longer sow life)
  • Independent system without any WiFi system needs
  • Centralization available to manage the system via PC
  • Ad libitum feed consumption
  • Simple system adapted to animals