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06 March 2019

We are proud to announce that we received the FIGAN EXCELLENCE AWARD that recognizes applied management and innovation, reflected in practical and demonstrable advances. The purpose of the Award is to improve and find new business models applicable to the current industry and market, based on criteria of profitability, sustainability and models of good practices.

Three of our products received the Award for Technical Improvement, and we are grateful for being granted this honor of Excellence and recognition of our work. These products are:

FUNKI MultiController

Funki Multi Controller provides an all-in-one network that can control such important areas in a stable as feeding, silo, water, light and winch system. Learn more >>

Baby Feeder

Baby Feeder is a feeder that can be used by even the smallest pigs from 4 kg.Feed automatically fills when sensor indicates that the trough is empty. Learn more >>

Heating rubber mat

Still-Care is a heat mat, which is placed behind a sow during the farrowing, so the piglets are born to a mat that is approx. 39°C warm. Learn more >>

The Award was handed over during the official ceremony at FIGAN exhibition in Zaragoza, Spain.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us or contact our Spanish team.