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Reduce feed costs and increase your farm’s profitability

Feed is by far the most expensive part in pig production. In general, feed accounts for 50% of the costs in sow farms and up to 80% of the costs in finisher farms. Pig producers worldwide work on trimming costs and reducing feed costs by reducing feed waste. It is a very efficient way to optimize profitability.

Liquid feeding system can control the amount of food consumed, but also allows you to develop unique feeding program for each individual animal. Dosing computer provides a differentiated selection of food during the day depending on the pig’s age during the pig’s growth.

By applying the liquid feeding system, you can save up to 15 kg of food per finisher per year. By minimizing the feed waste, you decrease your expenses and thus increase profitability. But how exactly does it work?

See in the interview with Torben Olesen, ACO FUNKI A/S, and Susanne Zwergius Teilmann, Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

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