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PIG FACTS Podcasts
Have you discovered the power of our podcasts yet?

PIG FACTS Podcasts is a concept based on the PIG FACTS videos. It is an alternative to watching the videos where we tell about different subjects within pig production.

You can find more topics at

Four reasons why you should listen to PIG FACTS podcast:

1. Get inspired! Are you interested in new ideas and finding new solutions for your pig production? Is pig farming your passion and you want to be the best in the industry? Chances are you will find a podcast among all Danish Pig Academy subjects that will truly inspire you.

2. Stay educated and informed. The content for podcasts is written by the best Danish specialists within pig farming. The Danish Pig Academy members are the real "sharks" in the industry; if you nned a modern efficient solution for your challenge - we have it.

3. Professional growth. Even if you do not have an urgent problem now, how about expanding your horizons? You can get new knowledge and discover more effecieint ways to run your business.

4. Optimize your time. Listen to our podcasts while walking, driving, commuting, or working out. Save your time and be effecient.