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Wash robot
Efficient wash robot for pig houses

ProCleaner X100 is a powerful, flexible and reliable wash robot for cleaning the vast majority of types of pig house. The machine is simple in its construction but houses an effective, high-tech wash robot that is able to cope with even the biggest jobs.

  • Service-friendly
    ProCleaner X100 is designed to be particularly servicefriendly, and everything on the machine is easily accessible.

  • Efficient
    ProCleaner X100 is a powerful wash robot with enough power for even the largest pig houses. In addition, it is extremely reliable.

  • User-adapted
    If you have a variety of different pig houses or varying needs, ProCleaner X100 can be set and programmed according to your needs.
  • Wash time for 30 metres of pig house, 5 mtr. pen depth on both sides= 3-4 hours (it requires water volume of at least 30 l per minute).
  • ProCleaner X100 can be programmed to run both a soaking programme and several different types of wash.
  • The wash robot is built on 4 wheels and is 69 cm wide and 115 cm in length.
  • ProCleaner X100 can be moved sideways by an adjustable side wheel that runs up the side of the fixtures and makes sure it keeps going in the right direction.
  • The machine has an ultrasound sensor which ensures that the machine stops when it comes to a wall.

  • The machine is connected via the existing high-pressure system by means of standard high-pressure hoses and requires a water volume of at least 25 litres per minute.
  • Powerful nozzles
  • Electronic controls
  • Multi-function power point
  • Specially developed hose reel
  • Mobile and easy to store

Technical specifications

Product name

ProCleaner X100

Dimensions (LxBxH) cm

115 × 69* x 145


285 kg

Power supply

230 V

Required amperage

6 amp

Water consumption

min. 20 / max. 40 liter per minute

Maximum water pressure

200 bar

Operating pressure

140 bar (40 ltr. water/minute)



*) Without side wheel.

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