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Virtual Reality
Enjoy the tour

Would you like to visit one of the best pig breeding farms in Denmark? You have an opportunity to do it right here right now!

Discover modern ACO FUNKI solutions for pig farming during this Virtual Reality Tour. You can look around in several sections, such as mating and gestation, farrowing, weaner unit as well as the feed mixing kitchen.

You are welcome to the Virtual Tour in one of the biggest farms with 6.000 sows! Visit several sections in sow, weaner and finisher sites.

How to navigate?

Once you opened the VR tour, the overview drawing is displayed. Choose the section you are interested in, for example Farrowing unit. Click the mouse and drag around to see the room. Click on the video button to see short video about the equipment.

Choose another unit from the list in the upper right corner. To return to the front page, choose "Show floorplan" from the menu in the lower right corner. Enjoy the tour! :)